What is EDIBOX?

SaaS platform that makes
it possible to decentralize
the creation and broadcasting of recruiting
advertisements that comply with
corporate rules.

Why use EDIBOX?

So your managers and internal clients can work independently, 
while ensuring that all HR communications respect your corporate image.

To eliminate
content personalization fees.

To eliminate production delays caused by having too many

What is EDIBOX?

EDIBOX is an online software (SaaS) which allows Human Resources teams to create advertisements to recruit, to position an employer or for internal communications that can be printed and broadcast on the Web and in social media or even published in newspapers and traditional media.

With the EDIBOX application, it is only possible to edit the text and images for which editing has been allowed by the company’s branding team. Software users work with pre-established templates, which can be customized depending on the requirements (picture changes, text modification, list insertions, etc.) while complying with the company’s graphic standards.

When using EDIBOX, no relevant graphic art knowledge is required, thus allowing the users to create ads in approximately 5 minutes. Users can then broadcast these ads via social media or upload their product to send it by email to print media outlets.

EDIBOX is used by amazing companies like

Our rules






For users: 
● Access EDIBOX at all times, from any place; 
● Create recruiting ads using suggested templates in less than 3 minutes; 
● Customize texts based on the company’s reality and based on its needs;
● Choose pictures which best represent your company; 
● Upload the image or broadcast it directly on social media.

For HR and communications team: 
● Define access to templates and pictures per user and per business unit; 
● Upload or delete pictures for all users (no more outdated pictures); 
● Create and broadcast new templates whenever you want;
● Track the ads on the Web; 
● View user statistics.

The team

Emilie Pelletier

*Inspiring Binding Leader

Didier Dubois

*Creative Operating Dreamer

Charles Leclerc

*Refreshing Technology Producer


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